Highlights from the Cambridge Science Festival (Part 2)

Weekend #2! Science escape rooms, virtual reality and intelligent toilets, oh my!

For our second weekend, our wonderful Events and Fundraising Executive Lauren went up to Cambridge with me, both to keep me company and to talk through all of the exciting events we were doing. We also met up with my childhood friend Elle, a scientist herself who lives in Cambridge.

Our first stop was the Mind the (Nano) Gap exhibit, which had a London tube map theme and very clever “tickets”:

You walked to each of the different stations to learn more about nanotechnology, and when you finished each station you got a stamp!

My favourite station featured a plasma ball that would change the colour of toy molecules. This was to demonstrate that you can use electricity (get a proper scientific explanation from Ellie).

They also had something I was definitely not expecting… an intelligent toilet!

We then did an incredible pop-up escape room run by Cancer Research UK, and we won!

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