Doctor Smithkins has gone missing.

She left no note, and her important research has vanished as well. It seems she was caught in a vast conspiracy in the scientific world, and each answer only leads to more questions. But I’ve already said too much…

Because of your creativity, your stamina and your fantastic intellect, we have personally selected you to assemble a team and rescue the professor. In doing so, you will save our research – and untold lives.

We know that she went missing somewhere in Cambridge.

It is your job to retrace her steps. Journey throughout the city and  learn as much as you can about her friends and foes.

Should you accept your challenge, you’ll be briefed in a top-secret central Cambridge location. You’ll have 3 hours to follow the clues, solve the experiments, and solve the mystery.

Did the physicists hold a grudge against her? Was there a mishap in the chemistry department? Did she discover a whole other reality? We don’t know, and there’s only one way to find out the truth.

It’s a race against time… it’s a Race for Science!

A Whole New Kind of Corporate Charity Event

Welcome to the most thrilling corporate challenge you’ll ever experience. We’re launching a charity event that isn’t just brand-new to the charity sector, it’s brand-new to the world.

In 2019, we’re launching Race for Science. We need brilliant, creative, intelligent people to help us solve the mystery of the missing scientist. That’s why we’re inviting STEM companies from Cambridge and beyond to join us for an immersive scavenger hunt adventure.

Want your company to be part of something really special right at the start? Register for Race for Science here:

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Not part of a corporate team?

Don’t worry, we are saving 100 tickets for our pilot event for members of the community! If you’re excited to be part of Race for Science from the very beginning, please fill out this form:

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Who can play?

Get the whole team involved. There's something for everyone in Race for Science.

Gamers & puzzle lovers

Gamers & puzzle lovers

Our one-of-a-kind event involves elements of immersive theatre, escape rooms, logic puzzles and scavenger hunts.



Ever wanted to assemble a team and save the world? By saving the doctor in the race, you'll be helping to fund world-class research into advanced prostate cancer.

Scientifically curious

Scientifically curious

Everyone from science novices to rocket scientists will find something to intrigue them at Race for Science.

Clubs & teams

Clubs & teams

Have a competitive streak? With a live leaderboard and a prizes for top scorers, will your team emerge victorious?

Race for Science is the kind of idea that makes you wonder: why has this never been done before?

— Shaun Grady AstraZeneca

The future of prostate cancer research is at stake. This has NEVER been done before. Do you accept the challenge?

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