An interview with our Lovely Actors!

Mary and Mike (our wonderful actors from the teaser trailer) answer a few of my questions about acting, Lockhouse and Race for Science!

Have you seen our amazing teaser trailer??

Filming the teaser trailer was quite a wild ride. We only had a week to plan the film shoot, including recruiting actors.

Paul Chapman, who owns the escape room company Lockhouse (and who I interviewed in this post) not ONLY let us film in one of his escape rooms, but also put us in touch with two lovely actors: Mary Emerance and Michael Brown. They were both genuinely so lovely to work with; the day was a perfect blend of serious work and giggling together.

Both Mary and Mike work part-time at Lockhouse as Gamesmasters – actors who guide players through escape rooms and add theatricality to the experience – and are also both professional actors.

Without further ado, let’s get to the interviews!

Meet Michael!

Why do you love acting? What made you start acting?

Michael Brown: When I was a teenager I attended a Saturday drama school and ended up in many major productions as a result including Blood brothers, Sweeney Todd and The Manchester Man. I love the challenge of a new character and the high energy on film sets or during a theatre production.

What are some of your favourite projects you’ve been a part of? Why did you enjoy them?

Michael Brown: I was recently in season 4 of The Royals where I play a Royal butler and ring bearer at the royal wedding. We filmed in beautiful locations and got to wear lavish royal costumes. I was also recently in Bait, a British horror movie which filmed in Cornwall including a night scene on a beautiful beach.

What do you like about Lockhouse?

Michael Brown: I have worked at Lockhouse games since we opened and I love how we have created characters to look after you during the escape game. Acting as part of our role is so much fun.

Favourite moment of the filming process for Race for Science?

Michael Brown: We filmed in Stourbridge common which is local to where I live. It was exciting to film in my neighbourhood, especially being chased by a drone camera for the filming.

Michael Brown is a published author and audiobook author – Check out his work via

Meet Mary!

Why do you love acting? What made you start acting?

Mary Emerance: I love humans. I love real, honest emotions. I love relationships.  To me, acting is all about relationships – to others, to ourselves, to our surroundings and situations. Relating, and listening to each other. I’ve never known a time in my life when I’ve not wanted to perform.

I love film work but live theatre will always have my heart. There’s something magical about the fact that its there for a moment – and then it’s gone.

What are some of your favourite projects you’ve been a part of? Why did you enjoy them?

Mary Emerance: One of my favourite projects I’ve been involved with was a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was a mad, month-long run at such a wonderful, creative festival and I learnt the true value of ensemble teamwork. The show was a collaborative process and I loved devising it with the company.

When I was at East 15 my love of devising continued – creating shows and music projects inspired by theatre, dance and music from all over the world. Part of our music group project was to perform a 15-minute “gig” in a chosen style of world music. My group chose Irish music and we had such a brilliant time learning to Irish dance and play/sing some beautiful Irish music – even learning to sing in Gaelic.

What do you like about Lockhouse?

Mary Emerance: I love working at Lockhouse. It’s hilarious. As an actor, it’s brilliant to be able to observe real human behaviour. Sometimes they do forget they are being watched….!! The people I work with are a splendid bunch, and I always have a fun time working there. It’s lovely to be involved in such a fun, vibrant, creative job and in the beautiful city of Cambridge. Escape rooms are definitely becoming are a more popular attraction and people who come to play (more often than not) are up for a good time. I like being able to give them that.

Favourite moment of the filming process for Race for Science?

Mary Emerance: Filming for the trailer was a lot of fun!! My favourite part was after we’d done the filming in the park using a drone (which was super cool!!!). We went into the city centre and did some filming as if we were walking around the little old streets finding clues as to where the next puzzles were hidden. This part of the city looks untouched. It’s gorgeous. And it was quite moving to be around the college where the great Stephen Hawking attended and see all the beautiful flowers. I’m so excited to see the Race for Science event launch and hope many people participate – as it’s a fantastic event for a good cause, one close to my heart.

Mary is an actress, musician, and Lockhouse gamesmaster, check out her Facebook here: and her youtube channel. Hire her for your projects!

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